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We all strive for a world that’s for everyone to enjoy. For everyone to explore and express themselves. And for everyone to share. But it ́s not a simple task. We have barriers surrounding women everywhere in the world, and in every segment. And when we now (partly due to climate change) are fast-forwarding into the future, we see as our only mission to make women included in that journey. Otherwise, the future will only be for men.

We are going to bring more girls into tech. But that is not only the solution, we also need to change the culture of the tech industry, to be able to invite and make women thrive there. We know for a fact that many women that start in the tech industry, leave after a couple of years. But you have to learn how to walk before you run, right?

Let’s learn how to walk. Please walk with us, one step at a time. We will make you see that tech is everything in your life. It’s about passion. It’s about a career, and it’s about life.

Then Run with us, one breath at a time. We will make you (as a part of the industry) see that your way of business will grow, and your way of doing things will be so much more creative when you can hire people of different gender, if you don’t already are a true believer of that.

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Vanessa Eriksson

Award winning Data & AI Influencer (Nordics), Vanessa is a leading-edge data practitioner with extensive experience in Data Strategies and most recently with Federated Learning. She served as the Chair of PwC’s CDO Advisory Board and on Gartner’s North America & EMEA Data and CDO Advisory Boards.  An active voice in the data and analytics community and featured in several publications, Vanessa applies her experiences to highlight the need for additional participation of women in tech and in leadership.  

A mother of 3 girls, Vanessa is passionate about encouraging Girls in Tech and effectively launched her brainchild, the first GiT event in 2017.  Its success over the years resulted in founding Girls in Tech Nordics, a non-profit organization manifesting her determination to make a difference. 


Ulrika Andersson

Ulrika has a long career working within the Tech and Telecom industry. She studied International Economics at the University of Gothenburg, but as her career evolved she had to broaden her skills into both technology and people. Working in a male dominated industry within areas such as M&A and business development within tech and telecom, it became obvious to her that the lack of women and diversity in general was a big hindrance for development.

As responsible Partner at PwC Sweden for the Tech, Media and Telecom Industry, she joined Vanessa’s mission with Girls in Tech to do something about the lack of women in the industry. GiTN was born. Apart from her work with the NGO she today focuses on Investing in sustainable tech driven business where there is at least one female founder and as a Business Advisor through her own company.

Let's change the dark facts, together

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In Europe, if companies were to double the share of women in the tech workforce to about 45%, or an estimated 3.9 million additional women by 2027, GDP could get a boost of as much as €260 billion to €600 billion (McKinsey).

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22% of women feel that decisions regarding promotions are not distributed fairly. Many men at the top recruit/promote their male friend.

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The share of women in the workforce is lowest in the tech roles that are growing fastest, such as DevOps and cloud. At current rates, the share of women in tech roles in Europe is heading toward a decline of 21% by 2027 (McKinsey).

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