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Janne Hirvonen

City Lead

The demand for skilled workers in the IT industry is growing rapidly, and there is a shortage of talent to fill these positions. By encouraging more girls to pursue careers in IT, we can help to meet this demand and fill the talent gap.

Women bring a unique perspective to the table and having more girls in the industry can lead to a wider range of ideas and perspectives. This can result in more creative solutions and better decision-making.

Studies have shown that diverse teams are more innovative, which can lead to better products and services. By encouraging more girls in the industry, we can in future increase the diversity of teams and improve innovation.

Sofiya Utge


If we want to see a majority of women considering Tech as their career than a minority, then it is only possible if we start encouraging and talking about it at an early stage. The latest 2022 research report from WIT shows over a third got no encouragement at all to pursue tech studies while 75% of the respondents see the tech field as somewhat favoring men and they get paid better.

We need more encouragement from society to motivate girls to study tech and pursue careers in tech. We need to create female tech role models, share success stories, build awareness and arrange hands on trainings and I am glad that together with GiTN we get the opportunity to drive this work together!

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