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Alexandre de Oliveira e Sousa

City Lead

Having studied Engineering myself, I was disappointed by the lack of gender diversity both during been study time and at work – I thrive to make sure tech is an inclusive area beyond genders and inspire the many girls’ talent out there to go for it.

Frances K. DSilva


Technology benefits from a workforce that includes women and men. I believe that young girls will be interested, informed, and inspired by access to women role models they can identify with. 

The work we do in GiTN will contribute to empowering young girls to choose a career in technology.

Stine Saatvedt


I joined the Girls in Tech Advisory Board because I am deeply committed to empowering women in technology. By leveraging my expertise and collaborating with like-minded individuals, I can actively contribute to driving change and breaking down barriers. 

Girls in Tech’s mission resonates with my personal values, and being part of the Advisory Board allows me to make a tangible impact in creating a more inclusive and diverse tech industry. Together, we can shape a future where every woman has equal opportunities to thrive and succeed in the world of technology.

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