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Charlene Engström

City Lead

The world needs more women and diversity overall in tech, to create a future that caters to the needs of all of us. Girls in Tech Nordics plays an important role in helping to inspire girls by showing them the breadth of possibilities of a ‘career in tech’, through hands-on engagement, and demonstrating the need for their perspective. Encouraging them in time for their first decision on their own path – high school program selection – is such an important time that was previously not addressed.

Jing Tang


As a foreigner, a female, a tech background woman in the finance industry, we are not so many. I hope there are more young girls who get interested in tech and learn what is happening in the tech area.

Girls in Tech Nordics give young girls not only an opportunity to see modern technology but also a great platform to share experiences and learnings. As a mother of two girls, I see GiTN as a great organization to grow the diversity of the next generation in tech.

Elizabeth Keller


Having been working in the higher education sector for a while, specifically with engineers, I have realized the work being done at GiTN really matters. More girls should choose to study STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) at an early age so that we see more diversity in tech.

JOin Stockholm

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