How we evolved

The Women in Tech Summit in Sweden and the rest of the world is an extremely successful happening and as trend indicates, an event ‘sold out within minutes’. It was a while ago when I got myself a ticket and had the opportunity to attend the event in my hometown, Stockholm.  I felt a sense of belonging walking into an auditorium packed with women, where the energy was electric and the enthusiasm, infectious. The audience participation & reaction to every speaker was encouraging.

As I sat there taking it all in, it dawned on me that we were somehow missing the mark.

While I appreciate the importance of evangelizing and highlighting the challenge we face with the lack of ‘women in tech’, we also need to be out there encouraging our youngsters to venture out in the fields of science, math and engineering; with particular focus on the young impressionable girls in school who are yet to choose their line of further education/studies.

And that’s how the seeds were sown for Girls in Tech, trying to work out how I could create the same enthusiasm & interest for tech; l starting with my 3 daughters at home!

The drive to trigger change brought about first Girls in Tech in 2017. The event had 15 girls from various schools in Stockholm.

The path with Ulrika Andersson crossed two passionate minds in 2018 which pivoted and intensified the Girls in Tech movement.

From there we are proud to say in the autumn of 2021 we hosted almost 100 girls in grades 7-9. This accomplishment is thanks to efforts from several engaged stakeholders.

And now, the Girls in Tech Nordics non-profit organization is launched in 2022 to continue on its mission, broaden the network to create a stronger and bigger impact.