GiTN works for a continuous flow of women into tech.

Hey tech leader, we need your help

Make your city the best tech community out there

Do you have a GiTN group in your city? If not, contact us and we help you to start one. Contributing is easy, and your help is powerful. Choose how you want to help. We always looking for volunteers. Welcome!

Do you want to become our event partner?

Our GiTN groups all over Nordic, are always arranging fun, creative events for young girls that are into tech. If you can put together an event, that makes them even more fascinated by tech – and let them know why tech is everything – then you are precisely the right event partner for us. Welcome.

Provide Prao opportunities for girls in our membership forum

As a Prao Provider, you will have the opportunity to have a real impact and influence to inspire a girl to choose a career path within the tech domain and industry. You will be able to have direct contact at an early stage with girls that are genuinely interested in tech and to support and foster talent and diversity for the industry in the future. You will be able to show areas of technology and potential professions that your company can offer.

Your commitment as a Prao Partner is to participate in the GiTN mentor program. As such you sign up and describe what you can offer a girl as an activity during the week/s that she does her Prao at your company. You commit to ensuring a secure practice with a dedicated supervisor and support during the time at your office or site. You also commit to being in contact with the girls’ school teacher prior to and after the Prao week/s to do any preparation of the role and working schedule and follow-up on their performance and engagement.

Become a mentor to guide & support girls in tech

As a mentor for Girls in Tech Nordics, you will support, coach, and guide girls who are interested in a career within tech but that need role models and some hands to hold during their development.

1. One-on-One mentor

You can be a long-term mentor for one or more girls and be there for them when they need to talk and brainstorm. You can also with your mentee join a more specific program including activities and workshops.

2. Group mentorship

With our partner we also offer group mentorship, where you as a mentor coach a group of girls and boys within the theme of tech during a 6 months period.

3. Mentorship training

Before joining as a mentor you will get training from our partner which includes everything you need to know to support a teenager. They also help us in supporting you if you need help in specific situations with your mentee.

Become an Ambassador and influence others

As an ambassador for GiTN you help us put the spotlight on why it’s so important to have more girls and women in tech, by influencing society, business and academia through your channels and by being an inspiration and role model for the girls.

Do what you do best & invite gitn to collaborate

You are needed! Actually, you are the most important part of making young girls really believe there is a career and a future within tech for them. Do you have an idea of how we can collaborate? How to inspire and be the tech company that takes the lead? We love to get in touch with you.

Be the game changer •

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